USB 3.1 Type C Male to 2*USB 3.0 +SD/TF+Type C Female Date Transper Port Aadapter

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1. .Product introduction


1.1Product Introduction

The UCN3266 is a high-performance Type-C to USB3.0 hub, high-speed SD/TF card reader that supports the USB PD charging standard. Through this product, you can provide 2 USB3.0 external interfaces, 1 SD / TF card reader interface for computers with Type-C interface, and support 5V/9V/14.5V/20V 3A (Max) PD fast charging, suitable for Used on notebooks with USB Type-c 3.1 interface, TYPE-C F interface supports PD3.0 fast charging function. It is an extension accessory that is ideal for Type-C interface computers.

1.2Product Accessories List 

l  UCN3266           1set

l  User manual       1copy


2 .Product specifications


2.1 Applicable to Macbooks, etc. Computers with Type-C interface.

2.2 Support USB3.0 5Gbps speed transmission, and backward compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.1.

2.3 card reader supports MicroSD, SD, SDHC, SDXC and other memory cards, supporting up to 2TB.

2.4 support hot swap, plug and play.

2.5 system support: Windows7/8/ 10/ MAC OS and other operating systems.

2.6 Working voltage: 5V~20V.

2.7 Static Power: <5V 250mA. (local power consumption)

2.8 Working current: 250~3000mA.

2.9 USB PD input support: 5V/9V/14.5V/20V 3A(max).

2.10 Product size: length 103.5* width 33* height 10.8mm (body).

2.11 Product weight: 48±3g

3. Product considerations


3.1 Do not allow any object (such as combustibles, needles) or any liquid (such as water, beverages) to fall into or penetrate into the product, resulting in the product not working properly.


3.2 Do not use or place this product in a damp environment (eg bathroom, washroom); exposed to dusty environments, turbid objects.


3.3 In the case of not using the device for a long time, the plastic bag of this product should be stored in the package to prevent dust from accumulating, and the socket is oxidized and the socket is not in good contact.

Do not repair the machine yourself or replace any part (unless otherwise specified in this manual). Please return the repair to your dealer or authorized dealer.

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