USB 3.1 Type-C to USB3.0X1 +USB2.0X3 Wireless Charging+ Type-C Charging

Product model: UCN3250

Categorey: Wireless Charging

Products Specs:
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1.0 Product Introduction
Support wireless fast charging. 5V 1A output [fast charge requires mobile phone support 9v 1.67A]
Compatible with all wireless charging functions on the market: support for Samsung S8, iPhone8, etc. (other non-wireless phones require a receiver)
Add 4 USB ports, wireless charging can not only external keyboard, mouse, U disk and hard disk device for data transmission, but also can charge mobile phone through this interface.
Disc type wireless charger for home, office
The charger is powered on, white is displayed, and white is displayed during charging.
The TYPE C female base can power the PC and mobile phone to solve the problem of power consumption of the signal source.
The maximum power supply for the TYPE C female is 60W 20/3A

Exquisite workmanship: metal disc design, not just a charging function, but also a piece of furniture


Input/Output Connector


Input port

Type-C Malex1

Output port

USB 3.0 Femalex1

USB 2.0 Femalex3

Type-C Femalex1





Limited Warranty

1 Year



Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

10% ~ 85 % RH (no condensation)

Storage Temperature

-10~ 70

Storage Humidity

5% ~ 90 % RH (no condensation)

Power Supply


USB-C PD Charging Port


Regulatory Approvals


Converter unit


Accessories Adapter


User Manual

English Version


3.0 Notes

      1. Connect the USB-C charging port to not only charge the main unit but also supply power to the product. When the current of the external device of the product exceeds 1A, 

please connect the external power supply to the output port to avoid the product from working properly due to excessive computer current.

      2. When using the wireless charging function, in order to improve the charging efficiency, the ambient temperature is desirably controlled below 25 °C. USB3.0 interface can be 

properly connected to keyboard, mouse, U disk and other devices. If the product is connected to too many high-speed USB devices, it will cause the temperature of the chip to rise, 

resulting in slow charging when the product temperature exceeds 40 °C.

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